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2008-2014 abstract paintings

Project type

paintings, canvas, acrylics




Tenerife, Spain

I tend to view this part of my artistic process as separate from my work over the years with drawings, illustrations and storytelling, and in many ways it was. I can't say it didn't have an influence on the rest of my life and work, so I'll be including these old paintings for posterity's sake.

I'm gonna say that being given access to massive canvasses, having all this art up on the walls of my home for years, being put on a sort of pedestal by the adults around me and being told that "when I became a rich and famous artist..." was not a great move for my development as a person, and I feel very distant from all of this.

Please, support your kids and encourage their interests and passions. Don't put those passions on a pedestal.

Most of the non-abstract works here were direct studies of other paintings or photographs.

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